Sunday, April 1, 2018

5 Dragon Facts

 There are many things that people don't know about dragons. Here are 5 facts to help you learn more about dragons.

1. Dragons have 6 legs or arms.          

The wings are  counted as webbed arms.  The arm has 4 fingers and a thumb. All the fingers are webbed, but the thumb is sticking out.

2. Not all dragons have front legs.

                         Some dragons, called wyvern dragons, have no front                   arms.   The have a  claw type thing on the  end of their wing that help them climb up rocky mountains. 

3. Dragons don't have a personality.

Dragons can be peaceful, and other times destructive.One thing I hate is when people assume that all dragons are mean violent creatures. That is like thinking that all dogs are vicious cruel creatures. Some dragons might just be overprotective of their young, and attack anything that comes near them or their young.  

4. Many types of dragons don't have wings.

Chinese dragons have no wings. They are able to fly using magic.

5. Dragons are fiction.

This is the most important fact out of all of these facts. I'm sorry kids, but as much as you and I hope, dragons are made up. You can make dragons as big or as small as you want, and nobody can say that the dragon that you made is fake. ALL dragons are fiction. There is no right or wrong dragon. But, I still think that maybe, in a land far, far away, dragons roam and wonder if humans are fact or fiction. If they write books and movies about humans, and a little dragon is drawing a picture of humans and wondering the opposite but same question that I am wondering. Are dragons real? 

So, how'd you like the post? I'm thinking about writing a story about that dragon and get into more details about the dragon culture drifting around in my mind. How they live and what they do for fun. How there society works and what the social standard is. But that is for another post, another day. I think that because I seem to have more free time, I am going to be on my computer way more often. More posting, more thinking, more doing.


Tuesday, May 9, 2017

3 Easy Mother's Day Gifts

Happy Early Mother's Day!
Have you got something so special she will scream when she sees it or knows who it's from?
I know it's hard to find things like this, but here are some ideas that can help you:

1.  You should make her a card that says things that you like about her. My mom said that all she wanted was a card.
2. You could also send her cards that say things you like about her but you don't sign your name. It is easy and on mother's day you can sign your name. She will love it.

3. The last one. You can get together with your family and make her a video.

If you found these things useful, comment down below.

Tricks to How to Find the Words for Cards

I know that when writing a card, you can't find the right words for that person. Here are a few tips for writing a card:

1. Think about that person, what does she do, let you do, have, or give that you like.
Why do you like it? Why is this thing they do different from what other people do?

  A Card To My Mom

     Dear Mom,

                       You are a awesome, kind, loving person. You are kind and loving person because you make us strive to be ourself . You are not like Dad because you both teach us different ways.

                            Love, Nomi

See how I explained why,how, and difference in that letter. This will be a kind and encoruging note to my mom.
                                 If this has helped you, comment doen below.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Art Tips

So, school has started, and with school comes actives. Something new this year was a art club. Only 30 people could be in the art club, you had to submit a drawing so the teacher could choose the best people, and I was one of the people she choose! But now I want to show you some art tips.

Art Tips

So, say you want to draw some shoes.

You choose the shoes, get your art supplies, and get paper.
After that you look at your shoes and put them at the angle you want them to be.
Then, you start drawing!
You draw the bottom of the base.

You draw the base of the whole shoe. Don't add details yet or it will a lot harder to draw later. 

You now draw any straps, shoe laces, or anything else.
You can know go and draw any details.
(You don't have to.)
You can shade if you want to.(If you don't know how to shade, you don't have to.) 

Friday, August 5, 2016

Water day

Hi. A couple of days ago to went I went an a water trip. It was full of water. Frist I went to aquarium,(P.S Had many fish, and a place where they had a fish breeder for Red Drum, some sort of blue fish, and flounder. Did you know that lady flounder are lazy with there eggs? Guys have to hit the ladies to let the eggs fall and then sucked up into another tank where they are hatched and then put a  trucked that is refrigerator and send them to the bay. It was fun to visit. And fishy!)

Pink Snapper


(This fish has a weird beard)

( I don't know what this is, but it's cool)


Shark and eel

Shark and eel

Cool Spotted Fish



 Weird eel fish

Sea  Anemone

Sea Urchin
That was what I saw at the aquarium.
Now what I saw at the
(These are by Nabila. She took them)
 This is some weird head. I really like it.
Do you
Have you had a day full of water?

 Did you like it?                                                                                           Was it fun?

If so, comment down below.





Thursday, June 16, 2016

Art Tips to help you

Hi! I really like art and going to give you some tips. First, want to see my picture of Nabila?

Tips for art

(draw light lines were you pick up the pencil a lot)

Tip#2 Look at what you are drawing if you are drawing a person or thing

Also if you have a art set can you show me some drawings? :}



Sunday, May 15, 2016

Fashion I love

So...... I love fashion and I did a post already. I love to come up with new fashion things, so I got Coveet fashion. It is really fun!